interviews and animations

Remembering Lawrence Feyereisen

I created this montage of images and video clips as a memorial to my maternal grandfather, Lawrence Jacob Feyereisen.

Storyteller: An Interview with Lawrence Feyereisen

Back in 2005, I was taking a Film Production class in grad school, and I borrowed the equipment for a trip back to Wisconsin. I sat down to interview each of my grandparents.

Interview with Sally (Kolbach) Feyereisen

Another 2005 interview. Apologies for the poor quality light and sound! In Ye Olden Days, we didn’t all have a camcorder/phone in our back pockets 🙂 I’m just grateful I did this when I could.

Animations from MyHeritage.com

This tool is so fun! You can take regular portraits and have them animated. The results are an awe-inspiring mix of wonderful and creepy.

My great-great-grandfather, Henry Jacque, circa 1898

My great-great-grandmother, Emma (Meyer) Kolbach, circa 1902

My great-great-grandfather, Michel Kolbach, circa 1902

My great-great-great-grandmother, Barbara (Streff) Watry, circa 1900

My great-great-great-grandfather, Jean Pierre Lorge, circa 1860s 

My great-great-grandmother, Katherine (Rassel) Feyereisen, circa 1900

My great-great-grandmother Jacob Feyereisen, circa 1900

My great-grandmother, Tessie (Ries) Bley, circa 1924