I am so excited to officially announce the launch of my new book! Leaving a Legacy: Turn Your Family Tree into a Family Book is a step-by-step guide to help you finally achieve your dream of “doing something” with all those years of research. If you liked my blog post and Zooms, you’re gonna love this book.

Leaving a Legacy Summary

Maybe it has always been a secret dream of yours to create a book out of your genealogy research, but you have been too busy or overwhelmed to get started.

I will help you break this process down into simple, manageable steps. You will learn about the research process, what to include, how to turn facts into stories, how to organize your book, how to get it printed, and finally how to share it.

You can choose any software for this project, but I will show you how Family Tree Maker and Family Book Creator can make things faster and easier than you might think.

Dive in now to learn how achievable a family history book is, and the important role it plays in preserving your research. What if your favorite ancestry website disappears tomorrow? Don’t leave anything to chance. You and your descendants deserve the chance to sit on the couch and page through the story of your family, for years to come.

Purchasing Leaving a Legacy

The book is available for purchase in paperback or PDF download, as well as a special full-color edition in hardcover. If you purchase a copy in print here on www.rebeccashamblin.com, you will receive a PDF version for FREE!

Supporting Leaving a Legacy

I am a self-published author, which means I have no publishing company turning the wheels in the background. My best advertising is always going to be word of mouth. If you would like to support the book, please consider leaving a review (here or on Amazon) and posting about it in your genealogy social media groups.

Another way you can help is by suggesting that your local library purchase the book. Here are some tips about that process.

Finally, you can request that your local genealogy or historical society hire me as a featured speaker!