Here, find descriptions and histories of important places in the lives of Ozaukee families. Mostly churches!

Lake Church postcard, circa 1900, shared by Kevin Wester

St. Mary’s on the Lake

aka “Lake Church”

In the mid-19th century, the Luxembourgish and German immigrants in the town of Belgium, Wisconsin were heavily Catholic. The church was the center of social life for all, so it was a priority for the locals to raise money and establish the first St. Mary’s in 1848. The initial frame church was later replaced by a stone church twenty years later. In 1884, the church was struck by lightening and burned down. Its replacement is the building that still stands today. Read more about St. Mary’s here.

St. Nicholas of Dacada

Among my many other ancestors, my parents were married in this church, so it has special meaning for me! The original was a log cabin built in 1848, with a brick replacement coming along in 1911, renovated 30 years after that. A funny quirk of geography means that the church itself is located in Sheboygan County, while the cemetary across the road is legally in Ozaukee County.

St. Nicholas of Dacada, photo by Galen Fry Singer