Word Macros to Format FBC Results


Have you ever wished for the family trees produced by Family Book Creator to look a little different? Or for a way to round the corners of every image in your book? Here are some magic wands for that!

This file contains macros, which are little bits of code that automate repetitive tasks for you. I provide instructions to install them so you can use them on any FBC file you like.

One will go through every family tree in your book and remove all the boxes around the people, for a more minimalist look.

The other will take any formatting you have applied to one image in your book, and copy that formatting to all the other images in the book. For example, if you apply rounded corners to the first profile in a family tree, it will round the corners of every image in the book thereafter.

Use either or both macros, as often as you like! Please see the detailed Product Description below before purchasing.



About Macros in General

  • A macro is a small bit of code to automate repetitive tasks. These macros are built to work inside of Microsoft Word, to save you time and effort.
  • There is no Undo when using these macros. If there is an error or you make a mistake, you cannot take it back! So always save a backup before you run anything.
  • These macros can take several minutes to run if you have a longer book. You can watch the picture formatting one while it runs, but it may feel like your computer is stuck during the macro that removes box lines. Please give the macro time to finish.
  • These macros are sold “as is”. If there is an error message due to a bug, you may contact me for help. Otherwise, if you are just confused, you can purchase 30 minutes of tech support, and I will help you get set-up over a video chat. Please do not email questions about installing or using the macros. I have included the instructions here so you can evaluate whether you will need help. You can purchase tech support at any time.
  • No refunds will be given unless there is a bug that cannot be fixed.
  • I have tested them as much as I can, but I make no guarantees about their function, and take no responsibility for their results. Buyer beware.

About These Macros


This macro takes the family trees in Word documents produced by Family Book Creator, and removes the borders around each person. It applies to the entire document, and cannot be run on just a single tree. This process can take several minutes for long books.


PLEASE NOTE: This macro cannot function if there is an image (such as a wedding photo) attached to a marriage fact in FTM. Images attached to sources are fine, because FBC does not print those. This would only apply to images that you have intentionally attached to a marriage fact. They must be removed in FTM before you run FBC.



This macro will take any formatting you have applied to the first image in a table in your document, and copy that formatting to every image in your document. Note that person profiles and family trees are actually tables. For example, if you apply rounded corners to the first profile image in Families of the Starting Person, it will round the corners of every image in the book thereafter.


PLEASE NOTE: This macro will ignore any image in the book before the first image in a table. So if you have a simple picture in your introduction, it will not be affected. But if you have a table of pictures in your introduction, they will be affected, and the format of the first picture in that table will be the one applied to every other image. If the macro doesn’t behave as expected, search for any overlooked table before the image you formatted. From the Table Layout Ribbon, try clicking View Gridlines.


Using these macros requires at least an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word. You must be able to execute the following instructions:


To Install the Macros:

1. Show the Developer Ribbon in MS Word.
On the File tab, go to Options > Customize Ribbon. Under Customize the Ribbon and under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box.


2. Find the Startup Folder for Word on your computer.
On the File tab, go to Options > Advanced. Under General, click on the File Locations button. Double-click on Startup to open the folder. Close Word. Download and unzip the RebeccaShamblinMacros file you purchased, then copy RebeccaShamblinMacros (a .dotm file) into that Startup folder.
You should now have access to these macros whenever you open Word in the future. For more detailed directions with screenshots, please visit https://expediencesoftware.com/finding-word-s-startup-folder/


To Use the Macros:

  1. Open Word, and open the Word document created by FBC.
  2. Save a backup copy of the document.
  3. Did you save a backup? I am serious about this.
  4. Click on the Developer Ribbon. Click on the second button from the left, called Macros. Find the macro you wish to run in that list, and double-click on it.


The READ ME file will contain instructions for optionally adding keyboard shortcuts for the macros, or adding them to your Quick Access Toolbar.


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